Dr. Sam Fecich

Professor of Education.
Edumagic Podcast Host.


EduMagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers challenges the thought that “teaching” begins only after certification and college graduation. Instead, it describes how students in teacher preparation programs have value to offer their future colleagues, even as they are learning to be teachers! This book provides positive examples, helpful tools, and plenty of encouragement for preservice teachers to learn, dream, and do.

EduMagic Shine On

EduMagic: A Guide for New Teachers is designed to help you, as a beginning teacher, thrive during your first year of teaching by asking you to reflect, challenge yourself, and celebrate wins in and out of the classroom. It is hard, yes, but you can do it. You’ve got this—after all, you are an edumagician. We start with expectations you may have for your first year, and go through all the ups and downs of the first year and how you can take them on and grow through everything! Our hope is that you will feel encouraged and supported as you work through these pages, taking notes on the side and putting dog ears on the pages that really speak to you. Your first year is hard, but you will make it through and learn SO much…so let’s do this!

Crush It From the Start

Crush It From the Start is meant to shorten your learning curve and help you operate at your best in the classroom. Furthermore, we will lead you through some of the most difficult and jarring situations that a teacher may ever have to deal with. Through compassion, empathy, and experience, we will prepare you for the realities of the classroom. This isn’t just a book. It is the confidence boost you need to be the teacher you always wanted to become. Trust experienced, practicing educators to prepare you for the realities of teaching! Drs. Matt, Sam, Casey, and Kevin will lead you through the hottest topics, surprising situations, and crucial advice that will help you flourish in year one.

Author: Sam Fecich Ph.D.

Samantha (Sam) Fecich Ph.D. earned her Ph.D. in learning, design, and technology from Penn State University. In addition, she has an M.Ed. in special education and one in instructional technology, both from Penn State. Her PA certifications include K-12 special education, K-12 elementary education, and Pre-K to sixth-grade teaching. Dr. Fecich has taught education for eight years at a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. She is the author of “EduMagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers” and “EduMagic Shine On A Guide for New Teachers.”