First-Year Teaching.

Tonya Bobo

Tonya Bobo, is a Kindergarten teacher in North Little Rock, Arkansas. She came to teaching later in life, and when asked what she might tell herself before she went in to teach her first class, this is what she said.

Adam Johnston

Adam Johnson is a middle school Dual Language Science teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He reflects back on his first year of teaching and how much he grew. He admits it wasn’t easy, but with help from his Teacher Coach, Jo Lein, and the teachers across the hall, he was able to grow into a much more relaxed and effective teacher. 

Camrey Asberry

Camrey Asberry is a 6th-grade math teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her mother helped her get ready for her first year of teaching. She was told to be sure and have a Word Wall and procedures for everything.

Procedures & Word Wall
First Year Challenges
Firm, Fair & Consistent

Jermaine Watkins is an elementary PE teacher and Dean in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He discusses the challenges that came with the first days of his first year of teaching, and how he managed to get through it and find success with his students. 

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1st Year Teacher Journal.

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Entry #2
Entry #3
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Entry #9

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