From a Teacher who
has #BeenThere

Hook, Line & Sinker

Hook, Line, and Sinker: Engagement strategies in the classroom. Tips, Tricks, and the Untold Truths of Teaching. How do we engage 21st century learners? How do we reach our underserved populations? How do we keep up with an evolving education sphere? Come on in, have some fun, and hook your students from day one. Learn engagement strategies, classroom management, delve into relationships and rapport in a digital world. Embed technology, music, and passion in our noble profession! Lean into relevant content; we cannot and should not teach the way we did even ten years ago. Keep up with the times and create a family classroom that is culturally inclusive.

What's this about?

In the public education sphere, how do educators find continued success? How do teachers not burn out and run away from this profession? Come on in and learn about how to engage your students to the max. Embed music, gamification, and experiences in the family classroom. Learn the untold truths of the classroom and a school. 

Chapter 1

As read by the author.

Future Teachers, you need this book before you step into a public school system for the first time as an educator. This guide through the tumultuous waters of educating students in an ever-changing world, will become a lifeline for teachers. This information is everything the author wished she would have known before she stepped in the classroom for the first time in 2006. She failed, cried, learned, and grew, so your first few years as a teacher would be easier. 

Veteran teachers, re-energize yourselves to your calling in this noble profession. Laugh, cry, and remember why you believe in this mission called Teaching. Teach on, my tenacious teacher warriors, we are rooting for you.

Author: Katie Kinder

Katie Kinder has been an educator since 2006. She believes that life is fun, and learning should most definitely be fun. Hook your students, embed music and gamification. Believe in and learn about the family classroom, and how to teach relevant content. A teacher of the year, top five district finalist, OKC Rotary Teacher of the Month, professional development leader, and a top 100 educator in Oklahoma on Twitter, Katie has learned a trick or two in the classroom, so come on in, and have some fun, and hook your students from day one!