Refer a teacher.

We’re writing a book based on the voices of actual classroom teachers and we want to interview the best in America. Our criteria is simple…they have to love their students, their students have to love them back, and they have to know their stuff in the classroom. 

If you know, love, or work with someone like that, then please let us know about them.  

We love and respect teachers and we want their voices to be heard. Please help us find the stories that need to be told. Don’t be shy…do it today.

Here’s what you can expect:  

We’ll reach out to your teacher friend when we receive the referral…should take us about 24-48 hours. Depending on their interest in our project, we’ll line up a call shortly after to talk about school. After that, well, let’s see… 👍

Need more info?

We get it, you need to know more about us before you refer your teacher friend. Please check us out and see what you think. We’re current or former teachers who want those in the classroom to be given the platform to tell their story. 

Who's done this?

Here are just a few of the teachers we’ve interviewed so far. We want diverse voices from across the country who love their students. The stories we’ve heard so far have been extraordinary, but we need more. 

Roxana Duenas

9th Grade History,
Los Angeles, CA

Justin Belt

High School English, Carrolton, TX

Camrey Asberry

6th Grade Math,
Tulsa, OK

Pam Swan

2nd Grade,
Greensboro, NC

Karen Workun

High School English,
Jenks, OK

Hanna Al-Jibouri

Multiage Elementary,
Tulsa, OK

Monte Syrie

High School English,
Cheney, WA

Abby French

7th Grade History
Fredrick Co., VA

Jermaine Watkins

Elementary PE
Tulsa, OK

Shelly Swisher

High School English,
Mesa, AZ

Madeline Frohrip

Special Education,
Nashville, TN

Cathy Boatright

High School English,
Tulsa, OK