Relate, Then Educate:

The Untold Stories of Teachers, by Teachers

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Relate, Then Educate contains the firsthand stories of sixteen seasoned educators’ professional hurdles and personal moments of heartbreak and joy.

Former educators Rick Holmes and Andrea Avey understand how young teachers can languish for years without knowing if they’re “doing it right.”

Despite the wealth of tactical curriculum resources available, educators’ intangible needs often go overlooked and unmet.

They collected the stories of real teachers to help those who are seeking experienced insight and support as they decide the trajectory of their careers. 

What's this about?

This unbiased collection of candid and approachable experiences has been written to challenge, inspire, correct, and console teachers—and humans—who need direction.

It features stories of unthinkable tragedy, like the tragic death of a student midyear, and rich rewards, like lifelong friendships with students.

Relate, Then Educate breaks down each teacher’s story into three segments: their path into education, a defining moment in their career, and an instructional best practice.

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Meet the authors.

Rick Holmes


Rick Holmes is the founder of Relate, Then Educate and a twenty-year veteran classroom teacher and high school basketball coach. He's got a degree in Education and a master's degree in School Counseling. His favorite thing to do is help people see how valuable they are, using storytelling, psychology, and empathy. He loves his team and knows that none of this would be possible without them.

Andrea Avey

Writer & Editor

Andrea Avey is RTE's writer and a former secondary school educator who arrived in the classroom by way of Teach for America and alternative certification. Earning a degree in English and Spanish, Andrea has taught in both public and private school settings and is the daughter of a lifelong educator. Andrea is committed to promoting literacy, great literature, and an appreciation for language in all its forms.