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To The Audaciously Bold Women in Education

To The Audaciously Bold Women in Education,This I promise you! by Katie Kinder I came across this meme on social media the other day, and I was all, “YES! This is the vibe we need to have!” And I think in theory, we all believe this with pumping fists in the air, but when it comes down to it in my experience, I haven’t seen this play out well for strong women in leadership positions. This is my opinion on why… Excerpt from Untold Teaching Truths: According to Harvard Business Review and Marianne Cooper’s work, ‘Opinionated women are less likely

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The Unseen by Katie Kinder

The Unseen by Katie Kinder I’ve been pondering this thematic idea of the ‘unseen.’ Have you ever been to Disney World? Disney lives and dies by creating an experience that will last a lifetime. When you work for Disney, you are always ‘on a stage.’ Backstage is the area of the parks that no guests see. I only know this because my brother, Bill, worked for Disney for a summer. As teachers, there are a lot of moving parts in our days. There is a lot unseen by students, parents, and admin during a school year. We must hide a

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