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We amplify the voices of teachers to empower, support, and encourage teachers just like you. If you need a wider perspective of what education could be, click below.


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We’re excited to introduce our Teaching America project. Our goal is to bring to light the untold stories of educators, showcasing the beauty of their hearts and their unwavering dedication to their students and communities.

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Listen to real teachers and educators share their experiences and wisdom. Hosted by our very own Erin Patton, she finds the voices that make us pay attention. Hear these educators’ stories of how they got into education, what it means to them, and their hearts for kids. We leave every conversation feeling better, we hope you will too.  

Relate, Then Educate:
The Untold Stories of Teachers, by Teachers

Relate, Then Educate contains the firsthand stories of sixteen seasoned educators’ professional hurdles and personal moments of heartbreak and joy.


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Join us to learn effective strategies for managing your classroom while being relevant, having rigor, and building meaningful relationships. Learn from veteran teachers, instructional coaches, and professional development leaders who know what it’s like to teach in today’s classroom. Find out more by clicking below. 

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We’re a group of former teachers who love and appreciate our fellow educators. Our passion is to support, encourage, and help young teachers to have a better understanding of what the classroom is and what it could be. 

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