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With All Due Respect

With All Due Respect: Ronald Morrish by Jo Lein, Executive Director of Teaching and Leading Initiative of Oklahoma With all of the craziness going on in the world, it is easy for students to come into our classroom with all sorts of baggage. They carry in the negative interaction with a guardian in the morning, ongoing substance abuse in the household, the loss of a loved one, community factors, and much more. These traumas can manifest behaviorally in the classroom. With All Due Respect author Ronald Morrish, it is important to think through what schools (not just classrooms) can do

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Last week

Last week… by Katie Kinder Last week was busy; let’s be perfectly honest, every week is busy, but for this post, last week was extra, extra busy. I’m an Instructional Coach. People ask me, “What does that mean?” Well, it means a lot of different things to me. I teach the teachers, but more importantly, I serve the teachers because, as my good friend, and principal, Charles Williams, says, “If serving is beneath you, leading is beyond you!” If you are a principal, you should get his book; Inside The Principal’s Office, it is a good one. I’m of the

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Hurry Sickness

Episode 3: Hurry Sickness Self-Care Episode! Erin & I asked you to take a moment each school day to check-in with yourself in our last self-care episode, but we wanted to discuss what you might find when you do. We will walk you through the 10 symptoms of Hurry Sickness…yes, it’s a thing. These are likely symptoms you’ll see if you begin to sit and reflect on yourself in an honest way. Once you can accurately see how you’re doing, you can begin to decide what small and positive changes you can begin to make. It’s a journey of small

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Are You Okay

Episode 2: Are you okay? Hey, folks. Erin here. The word of the day is VULNERABLE. Holy smokes. Recording this episode of our podcast was a doozy for me. 😳 Long story short, I have dealt with anxiety and depression for much of my life. But in neglecting my mental health for so long during my years teaching, I developed a really fun panic disorder that, as you can witness from listening, still rears it’s ugly head. Podcasts have been so beneficial to me and my personal mental health journey. Getting to hear people openly explore and share about things

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